Why is blog?

Blog is the information collection. Information is related to whatever it is like personal, organizational or community.

By blog we can share our daily activities, enjoyed tour trip, liked learning etc.

Now a days the blogging is very simple there are so many software are available to manage them.

Significance of the tools

Yesterday I have want to replace the TV table in my room. The power cable of the TV isn’t have enough length to the power plugin so I have decided to connected extra wire with that power cable. I have spent more than half an hour to do this without a screw driver after that I would went to beside electrical shop and connected the wires withing five minutes and I have felt an importance of the tools

Google Bookmarks

For internet browsers the bookmark is very fruitful one. Through Bookmark we can save the URLs which were enjoyed our self.

For organize the bookmarks, Google Bookmarks is right choice because it is very simple. I like to give brief about the Google bookmarks.

There are Four main options provided in the Google bookmars. They are,

1. Add bookmark

2. Manage label

3. Export bookmarks

4. Delete all

1. Add bookmars

In this section, We can add a new bookmark. We are need to fill up the following fields while add a new bookmarks, They are name, Location, Labels and notes. Name is name of the bookmark, Location is an URL of that bookmark, Labels (I’ll explain later) and Notes is short description of that bookmark.

2. Manage labels

Labels are just like a category like in gmail. By the labels we can categorize our bookmarks. A bookmark have the more than one labels.


3. Export bookmars

We can export our bookmarks as html file.


4. Delete all

We can delete the all bookmarks


Thats all